All you need to know about Neptune Cargo Network

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we have gathered from the majority of the companies that are interested to know more about Neptune Cargo Network.

What’s the difference between Neptune Consol & Neptune Forwarding?

Neptune Consol & Neptune Forwarding are groups under Neptune Cargo Network. We have created a separate group as we have noticed that consolidators like to work with consolidators while seafreight forwarders like to network with their kind. Neptune Consol is for the Strictly Neutral Consolidators members (Wholesale, Serving Forwarders Exclusively) of Neptune Cargo Network. While Neptune Forwarding is for the LCL Seafreight Forwarders of the network (Retail, Serving Direct Clients) of Neptune Cargo Network.

What is the difference between Neutral and Non-Neutral?

Neutral Seafreight Consolidators are the Consolidators serving Forwarders Exclusively and is under Neptune Consol. While Non-Neutral are the LCL Seafreight Forwarders for retail, serving Direct Clients and is under Neptune Forwarding.

Are Neptune Consol and Neptune Forwarding different networks? Do I have to join both?

Neptune Consol & Neptune Forwarding are just groups under the same network which is Neptune Cargo Network. Once you join Neptune Cargo Network, you will be placed under the group based on your services offered. If you are serving Forwarders Exclusively, you will be marked as Neutral and will be placed in Neptune Consol. If you are serving Direct Clients you will be marked as Non-Neutral and will be placed in Neptune Forwarding.

What’s the difference between your network and the other freight networks?

The main difference between Neptune to other networks is we are the FIRST & the BIGGEST NVOCC & LCL Cargo Network in the World. Neptune Cargo Network is the first to open a new niche in the industry. Back then, many Consolidators & seafreight forwarders were unable to find fitting partners all over the world. With an abundance of networks that offer a ‘wide variety’ of partners, a serious consolidator doesn’t really know where to find a network specialized in Seafreight consolidations. And this is why we decided to launched Neptune – to address this problem by networking Consolidators & LCL Forwarders that are willing and motivated to develop more business across the world.

How many members do you have?

We currently have around 180 Consolidators & LCL Forwarders from 61 countries.

What is your payment protection/payment insurance and how does it work?

Neptune Cargo Network has a payment protection program with USD 5,000 immediate dispute protection which will then increase to 20,000 depending on the years of your stay with the network. We also implement a payment monitoring program where we mark members with security badges according to their security status. This is to ensure that every member will be aware of the members’ status before working with them. By monitoring payment habits, we are able to vastly reduce and avoid transactions to delinquent forwarders or those with payment issues.

What are the benefits of joining your network?

When you decide to be part of Neptune, you will enjoy the following:

  • Immediate Global Network Coverage
  • You will only get to work with trusted, screened and reliable Consolidators & LCL Forwarders
  • All your transactions will be payment protected
  • You will get the chance to meet with our 180+ members through our annual conferences & virtual conferences
  • We will help you promote your company as part of a global network of Consolidators & LCL Forwarders through our agency list distribution and our representation in leading exhibitions worldwide
  • And you will also get access to our Neptune Mobile App – our exclusive information environment which provides access to exclusive and up-to-date information among the members.
Do you have exclusivity?

We are a semi-exclusive network, as we wanted to ensure fair competition in the market.

Do you have a yearly Conference? When and where?

Yes, we conduct our partnership meetings annually in different countries mostly within Asia. We highly encourage our members to attend in order to develop efficient partnerships, it is important for us and our partners to meet one another through face2face meetings regularly.

How many agents do you accept?

Neptune Cargo Network accepts a limited number of agents per territory depending on the geographic or economic size of a country. On average it would be between 5 - 10 members per country.

Do you still accept agents that are currently member in other networks?

Yes, absolutely. Neptune Cargo Network is an inclusive & diverse community as we do accept companies even if they belong to other networks.

Is there a free trial?

We do not offer a free or trial period of membership. Serious companies that are willing to commit to the network make the very foundation of a successful network. However, we offer one-time observer passes for our annual events as well as free access to our virtual meetings.

How does your network help us grow our business?

Our main goal is to connect you with the active and reliable Consolidators & LCL Forwarders from around the world under one secured platform for you to develop business with each other.

Do your members have a lot of inquiries to our country?

There are hundreds of ongoing transactions between the members, for confidentiality reasons we do not maintain or disclose individual transactions. We only get involved if there are issues where the network requires our involvement such as payment insurance and for mediation purposes. Business inquiries and transactions very much depend on how active members are within the organization.

How do we get leads/inquiries from your network?

Every member is proactively promoted within the network through our marketing department. They initiate various member announcements through our: mobile app, directory or agency list and many other marketing efforts on social media where we feature our global community and members as well. Our annual events & virtual conferences serve as excellent platforms for every member to communicate and meet with each other to further develop business opportunities together.

How can we touch base or communicate with the other members?

Our members’ information is available and listed on our NEPTUNE Mobile Intranet App - our Members only website and our Agency lists where you have full access to their contact details. We also have a WhatsApp group where we highly encourage everyone to remain active and interact within the group.

If you want to learn more about Neptune Cargo Network, you may contact our Network Administrator HERE

  • Neutral NVOCCs
  • Sea Freight Professionals
  • Direct Freight Consolidators
  • Forwarding companies with interest in developing LCL Cargo
  • Regional LCL Transshipment Forwarders
  • Bonded De-Consolidation Warehouse and Distribution Providers
  • Shipping Lines LCL Departments with Insufficient Network Coverage