Worldwide Consultants in Logistics, represented by Mr. Hans-J├╝rgen Willam and Dr. Wolfgang Draeger, have proven our competence and very special knowledge for advising, assisting and managing a NVOCC organization for logistics service providers in respect of a professional NVOCC setup, registration and/or restructuring, creation of NVOCC cargo documents, contracts and operational procedures and implementation based on a detailed project/action plan.

WCL have advised, managed and/or assisted the restructuring of internal work flows/ processes of medium size and large logistics service providers under consideration of their NVOCC requirements successfully.

WCL is ready to check the current status of the NVOCC setup of your company, propose improvements of shortcomings and execute/assist changes if so requested.

WCL offers a blue print of professional NVOCC documentation, which has been worked out together and confirmed by maritime lawyers in the USA, Europe and Asia and has been endorsed by a large global insurance broker as well.

Key Contact:
Frieder Steinwarder

Contact Information:
Worldwide Consultants in Logistics
Eilbergweg 11
D-22927 Grosshansdorf (Hamburg)
Phone: + 49 4102 70731-0
Fax: +49 4102 70731-20

Neutral NVOCCs
Sea Freight Professionals
Direct Freight Consolidators
Forwarding companies with interest in developing LCL Cargo
Regional LCL Transshipment Forwarders
Bonded De-Consolidation Warehouse and Distribution Providers
Shipping Lines LCL Departments with Insufficient Network Coverage

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