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an Freight: Ports as Inhibitors and Enablers of Global Supply Chain Ecosystems EXCLUSIVE STUDY

Port Operator one of
many Stakeholders within
the Port Community

As the primary custodian of the container port facility and operations, the Port Operator manages a highly
asset-intensive business model, requiring significant capital investment in ‘hardware assets’ such as land, quay
construction, container yard, machinery and handling equipment, not to mention the software aspects of
sophisticated IT systems and the human capital resources to manage the whole operation.

However, the port operator is but one player - albeit a critical one - within an inter-dependent network of
multiple stakeholders – including the all-important Port Authority or equivalent government body - that together
comprise the port community.

As can be seen from the ICF Model, the extended port community (in itself an ecosystem) embraces many
organisations and functions that are literally and metaphorically ‘outside the gate’ of the port terminal – and there-
fore beyond the Terminal Operator’s direct control of the operations at the port.

However, all these various activities undertaken by the variety of organisations involved, will impact the port’s role
as an effective and efficient transit point within a cargo owner’s supply chain ecosystem. It is essential therefore
for all stakeholders within the port community to work in harmony to positively impact the overall performance,
economic viability and ultimately the port’s economic contribution in the local, regional or national economy.

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