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The World's first NVOCC & LCL Cargo Network

My name is Christian, I am one of the Directors & Co-Founders of the Neptune Cargo Network, the World's First LCL Cargo Network. It's about time more NVOCCs and LCL Freight Forwarders came together into a grouping to build a network of people that speak the same language. All members of Neptune Cargo Network are screened to have a track record in Sea freight Consolidations (Neutral or Own Controlled Cargo) and be active in the trade.

"Small" Sea freight Cargo might sound small, but let us not forget that sea freight is arguably the most important international mode of transport for trade, and the maximization of containers with the help of consolidators is one of the most important function of cargo handlers (NVOCC or Freight Forwarders).

The difference between the industry of "NVOCCs" and the industry of "LCL Freight Forwarders" is to many specialists an area of debate. To some it falls under the same basket, to others these fall in totally different baskets due positioning of the business. There are 'purists' and 'non purists' in the Industry that seem to clash in language and concept.

Before the industry swims in defining "what" "who" "is", why don't we just get together and develop a community around the opportunities that the "small sea cargo industry" presents, network and make friendships around doing business. After all, freight doesn't talk - its you, the businessman that meets, exerts effort and exchange ideas with fellow sea freight consolidation partners worldwide - that will really make the difference enabling business growth.

Our goal for Neptune Cargo Network is to provide the opportunity to for companies interested in "Small Sea Freight" to forge lasting friendships as well as providing a secure and reliable platform for Global Business partnerships! We will come up to create a dynamic and elite group of professionals – a network of selected members who work in partnership under professional standards, actively promote and support each other in the handling of direct consolidations, less than container load cargo and other related services by working as a collective group with sales, operational and financial resources.

Being part of NEPTUNE widens your horizons, gives you the opportunity to make new friends while expanding your business opportunities endlessly.

Welcome to the NEPTUNE!

Kind regards,
Christian Raeuber
Director & Co-Founder

Neutral NVOCCs
Sea Freight Professionals
Direct Freight Consolidators
Forwarding companies with interest in developing LCL Cargo
Regional LCL Transshipment Forwarders
Bonded De-Consolidation Warehouse and Distribution Providers
Shipping Lines LCL Departments with Insufficient Network Coverage

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